Restaurant Loyalty Card Service (Cloud Based SAS):

Point of sale, loyalty card swipe or scan. Most likely a Smart Phone App barcode scan. Collects data for an individual user, what they’ve bought, where they bought it. Instantly posts data into a data warehouse for analysis. Gains visibility …

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Consumer Appliance Electrical Signatures

Idea, create an online database of Electrical Signatures of consumer appliances such as fridges, tv’s, tungsten light bulbs, flouresent lights, kettles, computers, hair dryers, air conditioners etc. The idea being to extend the benefit of tracking ones electrical current / …

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Mac Mail on OS X Lion replacing text with ‘block A’ characters

I received a brand new Mac Book Pro, did very little on it. Brought it up to date with Software Update, installed Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac and brought that up to date with Microsoft also. I connected Mac Mail …

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Auto cue iphone app

An idea for an iPhone app that I haven’t seen yet would be a video camera app with built-in auto cue. Particularly on the iphone4 when using the rearward facing camera, some configurable text can come up on the screen …

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Clubguide Mobile Phone Application

We’d love to develop a mobile phone application (iPhone / Android / Blackberry / Windows Mobile) that uses geopositioning to know your location and informs you about what clubs are open near you, what they are like, what they are …

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getting ready for

Finally, I’m getting around to actually building a site for This is the dry and run and Word Press is proving to be a very cool tool.