Clubguide Mobile Phone Application

We’d love to develop a mobile phone application (iPhone / Android / Blackberry / Windows Mobile) that uses geopositioning to know your location and informs you about what clubs are open near you, what they are like, what they are playing, drinks prices and the all important ability to buy your self entry from your mobile device. You could even listen to the music being played at that very moment or take a look inside. Further by encouraging people to use the site for social networking, you can see if anyone in your clubguide social network is also going, or where they are going. You could get alerted when you are out if one of your friends is going to a club near you. Buy your ticket from your mobile, and have your mobile scanned at the door for quick easy entry. Know someone who already has a (e)ticket? Maybe get a discount or a token to buy them a free drink inside.

Clubland is the home of real life social networking, having a good understanding of this opens up many possibilities for an online clubguide based social network. Yeah, facebook and myspace might be the flavour of the day for the moment, but the special possibilities around a clubland social network are extensive.

Had a great night? Really enjoyed yourself? Maybe you loved the music? opportunity to not only buy music from the portal, who wants to try and work out what the DJ was playing that night? – Buy the DJ set from that night and download it directly to your mobile device (which is no doubt your personal stereo), or just make the most of the opportunity to sell music, tie in with a music retailer or perhaps Shazam in some way.

The intention would be to pilot this in London, then syndicate the engine to other capital cities. It can be adapted to provincial town clubland as well, lots of ticketing and promotional opportunities with this. There is also the currently untapped technology around targeted advertising not only around people’s profile and behaviour, but tying in with the their geo-location making local advertising possible. An exceptional advertising engine opportunity exists if you are able to build a successful community around this idea.

Sounds like fun? Do you want to get this off the ground? Get in touch,

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