Consumer Appliance Electrical Signatures

Idea, create an online database of Electrical Signatures of consumer appliances such as fridges, tv’s, tungsten light bulbs, flouresent lights, kettles, computers, hair dryers, air conditioners etc.

The idea being to extend the benefit of tracking ones electrical current / power usage in the home, software can look up against the ‘appliance signature database’ and not only determine how much power they use at home, but determine what appliances use the said power.

Then using business intelligence, recommendations can be made on how best to save power in the home in terms how equipment is used. Further the data collected about a particular home provides useful demographic information about appliances and life style of the given household. Incredibly effective targetted advertising can be sold of this basis. For example, identifying people who have a re-fridgerator that is over 15 years where the known MTBF shoots up at 15 years – these people can be targeted for a specific product as the chance of them being in the market for one is greater. Not only that, they can be sold too on the basis of the power saving alone. This is of benefit to the consumer as they are recieving relevent advertising that will actually indeed save them money (on power) as well as helping the environment.

Further, new purchases in the home can be correlated to similar profiles and relevent recommendations. For example, buying a new Blue Ray disc player – Blue Ray Disc Sales, or a new Wirless N router, wireless N compatible peripherals. A new Apple iMac – iMac accessories – etc.

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