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Brightcove Video Cloud

Trying out the 30 day free trial of Brightcove Video CLoud

“A Penny For Your Thoughts” Mobile Video Market Research

Conduct market research on the Singapore MRT to find out exactly what people are watching on their mobile phone.  If you take the MRT in Singapore in the morning, you’ll see a fair few people watching video on their mobile …

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Tech Talk Radio

Produce tech talks in audio format, then sequence for a linear broadcast radio like delivery. Current SW trends, new versions of libraries and software.  Case studies of websites, mobile apps or digital services.  Interviews with Opensource project owners.  Today in …

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Consumer Appliance Electrical Signatures

Idea, create an online database of Electrical Signatures of consumer appliances such as fridges, tv’s, tungsten light bulbs, flouresent lights, kettles, computers, hair dryers, air conditioners etc. The idea being to extend the benefit of tracking ones electrical current / …

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Mac Mail on OS X Lion replacing text with ‘block A’ characters

I received a brand new Mac Book Pro, did very little on it. Brought it up to date with Software Update, installed Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac and brought that up to date with Microsoft also. I connected Mac Mail …

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Messing around with Ustream

I played around with today. It was really very simple and good fun too. Simply registered for an account and did some live broadcasting from my desk. I then installed the Ustream Broadcast App on my iPhone and did …

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getting ready for

Finally, I’m getting around to actually building a site for This is the dry and run and Word Press is proving to be a very cool tool.