iPhone Mail Server Settings

Here’s how to configure your iPhone to work with the soumian mail servers:

How to configure your iphone

This guide has been written for iPhone opertaing System (IOS) version 4.3.2 which was released on 14th April 2011. However, should be the same for version 4.3.1

To configure your iPhone to send and receive email, follow these steps:

Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account…..
From: Micorsoft Exchange, Mobileme, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Other.
– Choose Other.

Add Mail Account >
From: Name, Address, Password and Description.
Enter your Name, Email Address, password and a description of your account.
– Choose Next.

On the next screen, choose IMAP and complete the incoming and outgoing mail server configuration as follows:

Incoming Mail Server
Incoming Mail Server: mail.soumian.com
Username: chrish (use your username)
Password: ********** (Your usual password for collecting email)

Outgoing Mail Server
Hostname: smtp.soumian.com
Usename: chrish (use your username)
Password: ********** (Same as your usual password for collecting email)

– Choose Next

You will then see a message that says:
Cannot Verify Server Identity
Preferences can’t verify the identity of “mail.soumian.com”. Would you like to continue anyway?
Cancel – Details – Continue

Choose Continue. This warning is because I use a ‘Self Signed SSL certificate, so the identity of my server has not been confirmed by a commercial third party. The transmission of data is however encrypted.

You will also see a similar warning for smtp.soumian.com for the same reason.

Choose – Save.

Your Account should now have been added.

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