Prices as of March 2010.

Customer accounts with Soumian start at £60 per year. All servcies are hosted our own dedicated high speed hosts

Account includes, DNS hosting*, 750Mb disk space, web space, Monthly web usage reports, upto 2 x mail boxes, which can also be viewed with IMAP, or our own web based mail client. Web space has Apache Server Side includes enabled, as well as PHP5 server scripting. Private cgi-bin and or MySQL Database available on request.

*DNS Hosting is not the same as Domain Name Registration and domain hosting. You can use a domain registrar of your choice, but I will run the DNS service for this domain name. – There is no difference between using a Domain registrar of your choice or the ones that I use. Your web site and name resolution will work the same way regardless of who the domain registrar is.

If you would like us to register your domain name for you and be responsible for annual renewals, it costs a further £15 per year per domain (either .com or

If you would like to go ahead, please let us know the domain name and any email addresses you would like at that domain name, and we will set it up. Please also provide the billing name and address in the message. Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.

If you already own the domain, you should change the DNS servers to become: and with the registrar.

If you would like us to register a domain for you, you will need to let us know the domain name itself and the name and address that you would like the domain name registered too.

Bandwidth works out at £1 / Gb of data transfered. So you can have transfer an average of 5GB per month with no problem. If you are constantly pushing more data transfer than this, you can switch to the next price model up, which is £60 for each six months, and allows 10GB of transfer every month .

We also offer a managed mail list service using Easy Mail List Manager (ezmlm). The list manager automatically handles subscription requests, unsubscription, bounces and help requests. Please contact us for more details.

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