Celebrating 25 years of soumian.com, February 1997 - February 2022

To mark 25 years, I've rolled the site back to how it looked in around 2006. You can use the top navigation to rummage around to see what Soumian Multimedia was upto back then. There is some interesting archives from Clubguide.com and the original version of the site as it looked for my University Project in May 1996. The site which you see right now is from 2006, but as a tribute to the original soumian.com domain name, I found the original html web site that I wrote for this domain and how it looked in 2007. The site was programmed to work without needing to scroll on a 640x480 screen resolution. You can see the site here.


Soumian Multimedia was established in 1995 by Chris Hampartsoumian as a multimedia services business. Today Soumian offers specialized internet services and consultancy.

Our main offering is hosting on our servers hosted in Harbor Exchange, Docklands, but with our long Internet experience, we also offer consultancy in a variety of areas.

Many of our customer sites are either music or photography related, but span a large spectrum from Mr.C's underground club The End (www.endclub.com) to the Royal Appointed photographers, Anthony Buckley & Constantine (www.buckleyconstantine.co.uk). - See the Customers page for links to some of the web sites we host.

Past notable work includes Quicktime VR's of Gerald Scarf's studio for the Disney Channel, Quicktime VR's for Paul Smith. We started webcasting in 1997 completing webcasts from London, Portugal and Singapore for The End as well as webcasting the launch of the Casio G-shock watch with a featured webcast of Junior Vasquez DJ'ing in New York mixed down with satellite feeds from London, Paris and Milan. We also webcast the 1998 Sony Playstation Tekken III world championships.

Between 1996 and 2000 working together with Dave Rattray, (www.daverattray.co.uk) we produced www.clubguide.com and a number of other (then) high profile dance music sites. These included Carl Cox's Ultimate Music Management site, and record label Worldwide Ultimatum Records as well as Colin Dales Abstrakt Dance web site. This featured regular live webcasts of his London Kiss 100FM radio show, including featured video webcasts from the studio with guests including Jeff Mills and Kevin Saunderson. We also ran the Plink Plonk web site, Hard Times (Leeds based club night), Plank Records and of course The End. For a large slice of self indulgent nostalgia, see some old screen shots.